I have a feeling this is our first of many! …

Comment on His and Her’s Nervous Breakdowns – How Not to Sleep Train a Baby by Ben.

I have a feeling this is our first of many!

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Moxibustion, Webster’s Technique, and other terms I learned this week
Thanks so much for the comment Julie, and thank you for the referral to spinningbabies.com!
We’ve definitely checked out that website and have been following all the recommendations of specialists and other doctors. To date (38 weeks 3 days in) we haven’t seen the little one do a full flip, but our fingers are still crossed.
As it sits right now (pardon the pun), we’re scheduled for a C-section on Thursday, but there is still the chance baby turns by then.
I guess the fact that we figured things out so late (36.5 weeks in) and that it’s Becca’s first pregnancy, there are a few things not working in our favour. With that all being said, I may get to meet my baby in just a couple days! So exciting!
New blog entry coming out today – Keep in touch!

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