Charlee is 8 weeks old… but not 2 months

So I’m realizing that we have to start celebrating Charlee’s month to month birthdays on the 17th of every month and while technically she has turned 8 weeks old, she’s not quite 2 months yet.

At the moment, I’m on the first shift with Charlee while Becca tries to catch some z’s. Charlee is celebrating 8 weeks by having her first cold…. and quite frankly, it’s pretty shitty.

I’ve read that past 3 months, one should anticipate 8 to 12 colds per year for your little ones based on outside influencers like daycare, public transit, and just general family and friends carrying sickness amongst them. Regardless, anything under the age of 3 months gets a tad more attention and concern, so today we visited a walk in clinic for confirmation that Charlee was ok.

They gave her a head to toe assessment and asked a bunch of questions. Bottom line is that Charlee got her vaccinations yesterday, so for her to have a fever is not uncommon. The sniffles and congestion is viral, but with a super low dose of baby tylenol both should be gone in a jiffy.

Currently waiting for that jiffy.

On the plus, it does give me an opportunity to write a blog entry – a much overdue one as last week’s entry was limited to my tip of the week regarding probiotics.

The past two weeks have been pretty great and Charlee continues to exceed our expectations.

First off, Charlee has ‘graduated’ from the midwifery clinic; a bittersweet moment signifying Charlee’s fantastic progress (as well as ours, as parents) and also the ending of a journey and relationship that will not soon be forgotten.

Becca, Charlee, and two of our 3 midwives
Becca, Charlee, and two of our three midwives

To have a team of people so involved in such an intimate and special part of our life was phenomenal, and I would not have traded that for anything in the world. Our midwives were skilled, knowledgable, informative, and genuine. I can’t fathom what midwifery must be like as a career because I can’t wrap my head around how these women are able to treat each family with the same level of commitment as the next. I truly felt as if we were the only family being looked after thanks to the professionalism and dedication demonstrated.

We constantly promote midwifery to other friends and family, many of whom assumed there was a cost, or straight out had never heard of the service.

Let me take another opportunity to stress it and shout it out loud:


The end of the midwives visits meant it was time to sort out who was to be our doctor of choice for Charlee.

Becca goes to a practice where her doctor of many years changed clinics and Becca was inherited, if you will, by another doctor there. While Becca likes this doctor, we would not have the privilege of having the same physician who has known Becca for years, including her whole medical background, become the same physician for Charlee.

The other options were to either change Becca and Charlee over to my family doctor, or look into a paediatrician.

My doctor is wonderful, and I’ve been very happy going to her for the last several years. I had an issue with my doctor prior, wherein she would bump my appointments regularly for other, more pressing urgencies from other patients of hers. I had enough of being treated as though my health was not a priority for her, and since the move to my new doctor, I couldn’t be happier.  She is attentive, punctual, conveniently located, young and not jaded (very important), and has three kids of her own.

A paediatrician would be the next option, though we would have to rely on word of mouth referrals as to whom we should go to, and it would be another case of trial and error.

While for the moment we have opted to stay with Becca’s doctor, the decision is an interesting one, and I’ll keep you all posted on how things pan out.

So far, we had our first visit with Becca’s doctor yesterday for Charlee’s vaccinations.

Now, both Becca and I knew that it was not going to be a pleasant visit, but we had memories of her being pricked with needles repeatedly in the NICU, so we thought that maybe we wouldn’t be as shaken.

Of course, when the time came, Becca asked that I hold Charlee while the doctor administer two shots, one to each thigh, and an oral vaccine. I tried to have Charlee keep eye contact with me, but man alive, when those tears and that wailing starts, it really breaks your heart.

Fortunately, she bounced back like a champ, and handled the whole ordeal quite well… until today’s fever, but more on that in a moment.

Yesterday also marked my nephew, Ethan’s birthday. He is such a character, and it’s been immensely fun, informative, and emotional watching him through this last year, and watching my sister make her way through pregnancy and into motherhood.

My sister, Meera, lived with Becca and I for a few months while she was pregnant and into the first couple of months with Ethan. It really gave us a first hand account of what to expect and I know it played a huge role in how we prepared ourselves for parenthood.

With Meera and Becca alike, it’s been mesmerizing.

With both, it’s like a switch went off, triggering their mothering instincts to kick in. Before their own babies, you could see with both of them how great they got on with kids, and you knew deep down that they would make great mums. But as the reality unfolds, its been amazing to witness firsthand.

My other sister, Ariel, is the photographer extraordinaire, and so I’m going to exploit her talents and post just a couple pics of my handsome little nephew and you can see how he just tugs away at your heart strings.

If memory serves me, I believe Ethan was 7 minutes old here.
If memory serves me, I believe Ethan was 7 minutes old here
The birthday boy!
The birthday boy!

Looking at these two pictures, or the countless other ones of Ethan that I have in my photo gallery, really reminds you how kids grow like crazy in that first year.

Within the last few weeks, Ethan is walking and forming sounds into words. I remember holding him the way I hold Charlee now, and it seems like it’s been almost overnight, but he’s grown into a little person, with character, personality and mannerisms.

I know I’ll look back and disagree with myself one day, but I swear, I just can’t wait for Charlee to reach those milestones.

Speaking of milestones, back to Charlee’s vaccination – that was definitely a big one. We got another chance to weigh our little tank, and she tipped the scales at 12 pounds 2 ounces – up an entire pound in 9 days! She’s in the 85th percentile for both weight and height. Sure, I know we shouldn’t track these things and pay too much attention to them… but we’re still super proud of our growing little lady.


My entry last night was interrupted by the horrifying news out of Paris. I didn’t feel right sending off my blog without some type of reflection, as ignoring the reality of last nights events would be unjust.

The attacks that unfolded last night are atrocious, and as more details arise regarding the aftermath, it sickens me to my core.

Trying to watch last night on TV, Becca kept urging me to turn it off as it was disturbing for her. I understood her perspective, but insisted that it was important to watch and see what kind of evil exists in the world and how these events transform life as we know it.

It dawned on me that one day I may be watching TV, much like last night, with Charlee at an older age; an age where she would be more aware of what was happening and I would need to explain these atrocities to her.

I’m sure this is a situation that plagues parents worldwide; it truly made me think.

On Facebook, a friend referenced a quote from the most unlikely of sources, and it’s helped guide me through what I feel my approach might be.

That person is Fred Rogers, a.k.a. Mr. Rogers and his words were as follows:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

It’s so true and such smart guidance for kids who need to see the good in the most horrendous situation imaginable.

I pray that I never need to explain to Charlee this dreadful side of reality, but sadly I’m all too confident I will.

Pray for Peace
Pray for Peace

What are your thoughts?

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