VLOG – Charlee is 7 months old!!

Well, we’ve been watering her, feeding her, and giving her plenty of sunlight, and low and behold, she’s growing!

Our not so little Charlee is 7 months old and doing phenomenally well. She’s pushing 20 pounds, eating like a champ, has just started swimming classes, and has won my heart.

Becca and I couldn’t be prouder. Enjoy a little sneak peek into our lives with my next VLOG linked below:



VLOG – Charlee is 6 months old!

Our little munchkin is getting bigger… seriously bigger… like nearly 19 pounds of happy baby goodness!

Charlee is 6 months old and we couldn’t be prouder – eating solids, sitting up right, new bigger diapers…. oh the things we celebrate 😉

Enjoy the VLOG – short and sweet today, but much more to follow!


VLOG – How to deal with a sick baby

So my last VLOG received some great feedback, so I thought, heck, let’s do another!

As you know, Charlee was under the weather following her vaccinations, so it was a perfect opportunity to highlight what worked for us and provide some advice to the new parents out there.

Hope you enjoy!