Book Review – Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses


Recently I was given the privilege of reviewing Andrew Swanson’s beautifully written and illustrated book Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses. While my own daughter is only a newborn, I have already taken the opportunity to read it to her, and no doubt will continue to do so through the years ahead.

Andrew’s telling of his seven year old daughter’s journey through dreamland exemplifies the innocence and imagination that are so prevalent in our children today. Bella’s visions of accomplishment, fame and stardom know no boundaries, and Andrew’s ‘dream glasses’ provide the view into this youthful imagination that we can all relate to from our own childhoods.

Meshed with Christobal Mikhovski’s dynamic illustrations, the reader truly gets immersed in young Bella’s dreamscapes and vicariously thrives off her vivid imagination.

Andrew is a full-time stay-at-home Dad for two wonderful little girls and a part-time beat writer/on-air personality for ESPN Radio 101.7 The TEAM in Albuquerque. After years of writing about sports and fantasy football, Andrew decided to share his love of writing and storytelling with children around the world.

You can find more of Andrew’s books through his website,, and pick up your own copy of Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses or one of Andrew’s other enjoyable reads through


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