Long time no…. type?


Hello, my name is Dad.

Remember me?

Come now, it’s only been a month… and a week… or two…

I remember speaking with a fellow blogger during the earlier days of my site and she mentioned that she was so impressed with the fact that I could dedicate so much time to typing out blog entries while having a little one at home. At the time I thought, wow, I must be really lucky that Charlee is so chill!

In hindsight, I think her being impressed was just a tad premature to the non stop parenting rollercoaster ride that really starts to peak around 6-8 months.

Well, suffice it to say, these last few weeks and months have been the most trying, but also the most rewarding. For example, just this last weekend, Charlee did the following:

  • Clearly said “mama”
  • Started crawling
  • Cut two more teeth (yes, she’s up to FOUR now!)
  • And, I swear this is true, with Becca as my witness, specifically requested, through arm motions, for us to sing ‘skinamarinky dinky dink’ by Sharon, Lois and Bram.

I have video and photographic evidence (check out my youtube channel and follow my feeds to see more).

Anyway, let’s take it from the top, and sadly it begins on an unhappy note, with the passing of my uncle on May 26.

Two weeks prior I had tendered my resignation from work (more on that to follow) and was actually attending my going away party when my mother called from England where she had been vacationing with my aunt. Through some round about channels, she had heard the news and wanted to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

I spoke with my cousins and tried to come to terms with the news.

Though in recent years I had not been in close contact with my uncle or cousins, Becca and I had gotten together with them when Charlee was just a couple months old to introduce her to them then.


Aside from being 86 and diabetic, Uncle Seymour, or ‘Shim’ as he was known by family and friends, was in great health and his passing came as a huge shock.

I think the blessing in disguise is how extreme family events such as this can bring out the best in people, and give family an opportunity to first grieve together, and then reconnect.

This passing was one that brought out both the good and the bad, and it was quite a stressful occasion for all of us for many reasons.

I will always be grateful for the relationship I remember with my uncle. He was a soft-spoken man, but his family legacy lives on with 4 children, their spouses, and their combined 14 grandchildren (I hope I didn’t miss anyone). I only wish that I can one day see my own family grow like that.

My aunt is a wonderful woman with a strong circle of family and friends. Becca, Charlee and I have already made an effort to see her more often and help keep her involved as Charlee grows while also restoring our family bond.

The other piece of news, yup, I tendered my resignation with my employer after five and half years, having found a new opportunity that would benefit me and my family.

As a father, I’m now much more scrupulous in my decision making, and this by far was one of the most difficult. It had been in the works for well over a year mind you, and in fact, almost came to fruition in March of last year, but I opted to hold off having just found out that Charlee was on her way!

To be honest, I thing everything played out quite well.

With my old employer, I had the benefit of getting top up on nearly 5 months of parental leave. I also had all the benefits coverage that helped us be comfortable in the NICU and not out of pocket too much. I had added vacation time to help with Becca while we tried to turn Charlee, and then finally came back to a job that was mostly enjoyable for the few months that I needed to work out the details of this next opportunity.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and incorporate my own business under which I am doing consulting work.

The pay is very good, but the job security is non existent as I attempt to work contract to contract.

I feel very confident with the decision though, and Becca has my back as always.

This job gives us the luxury of having Becca stay at home with Charlee straight through until she is 18 months, and then we’re exploring a multitude of opportunities including Montessori for Charlee, and potentially opening a business for Becca… more details to follow as that slowly unfolds!

Not sure what your take is on Montessoris, but I can tell you that daycare here is a fortune and if I’m going to be spending that kind of money, I want an education for Charlee that I would be keen on. Having toured a few Montessoris, our hearts are set on it, and we’re on one waiting list in particular which we hope pans out.

As it sits right now, we’ve got another 9 months to go, so fingers crossed!

It’s crazy that Charlee is 9 months old already. We like to say she has officially been out of the womb longer than she was in it!

She is certainly keeping us busy.

Becca has her down to a routine that is impeccable – she now naps twice a day and gets a full nights sleep of 10 hours. I would like to say that it’s consistent, but of course it’s not. She has, however, improved astronomically!

As I mentioned, she’s crawling now, which changes the whole dynamic of our living space! We have to baby-proof the house now, and to add to it, she’s outgrown her exersaucer, so we’ve just recently unfolded the pack n’ play so she can use that as a holding pen while Becca needs to run off for a second to answer the door, use the facilities, or prepare a meal.

Charlee and Becca have been actively doing a bunch of different things from story time at the library, to swimming, to yoga.

The other day they went to the Royal Ontario Museum and I got this pic in my email:


I laughed my ass off!

All in all, it’s been a challenging yet rewarding few weeks.

From passing comes rekindled relationships.

From old jobs comes new challenges and opportunities.

And from a roly-poly baby, comes an explorative, engaging, adorable, astounding, developing little person.

I can’t wait to keep sharing my journey with my family, with you.



What are your thoughts?

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