And just like that… I have a two year old!

Not only is Charlee turning two this weekend, but it will also mark an entire year since I wrote a blog entry.


Well, there goes my commitment, eh?

Suffice it say, I have many excuses, but I’ll phrase them anecdotally to show just what kind of a year it’s been.

I said I’d do it tomorrow!!

I reread my posting of the 12 Months of Charlee: The 12 Things I’ve Learned in my First Year of Parenting, and I agree wholeheartedly with what I wrote! In fact, it was quite refreshing to read it cause it truly echoes my sentiments on the first year of having a child.

Year two, however, is flurry of events that make the first year look like a holiday cruise! I can look back on this year and relive so many different milestones that were painstakingly rewarding from start to finish.

Everything from teething to walking, talking and communicating, daycare and anxiety, potty training and sleep regression – it’s been quite a ride!

And I’ve loved it all.

Sure it wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns, but holy moly, to be a part of someone’s upbringing and watching a little human become such a personable, emotional, lovely, adorable, brilliant little angel has been exceptionally rewarding.

First and foremost, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – my daughter is a genius!

Do you watch the videos on my Instagram or YouTube channels? She was putting sentences together at 16 months – singing ABC’s, counting to 20, reciting the national anthem! She even knows all her colors including teal and other random ones (thanks Becca). On top of that, she learned how to sing classic 90’s tracks like ‘Killing me softly’ and we have that on film too!

Of course she has some flaws like all people do. She can be incredibly anxious around big groups of people (but she’s working on that and getting much better). She’s also the queen of selective hearing … to a fault. The most recent iteration was “Charlee don’t climb the dining room chairs… don’t climb the dining room chairs… DON”T CLIMB THE DINING ROOM CHAIRS!” followed by a swan dive and bloody nose incident (she’s ok).

But her faults make her human, and Becca and I continuously say to each other how wonderful she is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. She is the best of both of us, with a twist of uniqueness that makes her so lovable, so phenomenal, so charismatic, so… Charlee!

So what exactly has been going on? Here’s a quick summary:

September to December

We had a super fun photoshoot at the end of September, done by Becca’s very talented friend Catherine – you can find her work through her website:

We clean up nicely

Halloween was a repeat of last year…. there’s always next year!

I think she likes it

We saw Raffi live in concert in November (checked that off all of our bucket lists)… and dada got charitable, sporting the Movember stache

Christmakkuh was merry

Charlee sometimes hides her emotions, but she was very happy

January to April

We finally visited Ripley’s Aquarium and Charlee was enchanted by all the sealife

Charlee… scared shitless

Charlee had her first Valentine’s Day date (chaperoned of course) and caught up on her speed reading skills

It’s like a blur!

Guess what… we got into Montessori!! Charlee started in March and was the happiest 18 month old you’ve ever seen

In April, I can’t figure out exactly how it happened, but we suddenly had a toddler!

May to August

In May we celebrated Mum

She is NOT flipping off the camera

June walks in the park (I totally made this my screensaver)

In July I got sneak-peaks into her future (what a beauty!)

And the rest of the summer was full of fun and memories

As her birthday comes up this Sunday, Becca and I have so much to be grateful for. We’ve learned a lot from each other and from Charlee, about ourselves, our parenting, and our passion.

I’ll send Charlee a message directly, as I always do, but I want to thank her for being a part of our lives and showing us a whole new level of pride, admiration, and love.

Bring on the THREENAGER!!


What are your thoughts?

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