Category: Product Reviews’s Blogger of the Week is… Yours Truly!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been honoured as blogger of the week at! Please check out The Baby Spot website – its a fantastic online magazine for parents, guardians and grandparents. They cover all the bases of parenthood from both a mum and dad’s perspective, including articles on everything from pregnancy through to the toddler years. They provide insight into travel, health,… Read more →

Product Review – Wee Gallery’s Art Cards For Baby

Shopping for Charlee has, in all honesty, been a treat… with a side of dear-god-this-is-insanely-overwhelming. The sheer magnitude of toys, trinkets, and teethers is staggering, let alone the plethora of clothing conglomerates and their offerings. When it comes to a newborn, you have to remind yourself that the marketing for any and all products for this age range is actually aimed at you,… Read more →