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Book Review – Thirty Million Words

If I could only remember the source of the referral, I would shake that person’s hand, or at least electronically elicit the same gratitude. Thirty Million Words has been one of the most informative and genuine books that I’ve read with regards to engaging with your child. By this, I mean that the true beauty of this book is in it’s… Read more →

His and Her’s Nervous Breakdowns – How Not to Sleep Train a Baby

Here’s a term for you: “Sleep Regression” Ever heard of it? Neither had we, yet they happen at 4 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, and apparently straight through to 2 years’ of age. Now you’ll have to pardon my french, but how the fuck was that not something that we would have read about at this point? I truly… Read more →

Book Review – Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses

Recently I was given the privilege of reviewing Andrew Swanson’s beautifully written and illustrated book Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses. While my own daughter is only a newborn, I have already taken the opportunity to read it to her, and no doubt will continue to do so through the years ahead. Andrew’s telling of his seven year old daughter’s journey through… Read more →