About Ben


Hello, My Name is Dad, is the creation of me, Ben Goldberg, a young professional who through my journey into parenthood, has come to recognize a gap in social media dedicated to new fathers.

By no means do I claim to be an expert in parenting, nor a seasoned writer. I’m not here to contest the sage advice of your bubbie’s bubbie, or to sway anyone into approaching fatherhood with anything more than an open mind and informed decision making.

I have, however, come to find that there are three wonderfully dynamic aspects to parenting;

Her experience, his experience, and their experience.

There are a number of sites that outline what to expect when expecting, and how to guide your child through the different stages of childhood. As parents, there is an immense burden and an overwhelming amount of information that can be flung your way. The internet is a wealth of knowledge, and also a curse of overabundance.

With all this information, however, I’ve found that there is a shortage of open dialogue for Dad, and how his role is as unique as it is transformative.

I hope you’ll follow along with my journey and let me know your thoughts and experiences too.