Month: August 2015

Moxibustion, Webster’s Technique, and other terms I learned this week

Yes, I realize that rhymes… my talent knows no end. I’ve also discovered new talents such as setting up planks of wood lined with blankets and pillows in order to invert my pregnant partner and turn our breeched baby. It’s been quite the week. Up until now, every time someone has said, “how’s Becca?”, or “how goes the pregnancy?”, the response has… Read more →

Labour day is around the corner… irony?!

Having just passed the 35th week of pregnancy, a lot of the realities of fatherhood are starting to sink in, thanks in large part to the week of prenatal classes we’ve been attending. When we first found out about the pregnancy, I decided to read up as much as I could and picked up a few books including Dad’s Expecting… Read more →

“So…do you know what you’re having?”

  With the soon arrival of my first child, comes the realization that (in the PG sense), opinions truly are like noses, everybody’s got one. However, when the topic of child rearing, pregnancy, diets, education, discipline, and a multitude of other parenting aspects arises, opinions are more like blood cells, everyone has trillions. The first of many conversations happened when we… Read more →

Hello, my name is Dad

I remember the first time reality set in that I was going to be a father. It wasn’t from reading the results of the Clearblue test, or even when we got back our first ultrasounds. It was at around the 11 week mark when we told Becca’s family over dinner, that we were expecting. Plates were circling and I offered Becca’s sister… Read more →